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lI|1o0O   [OT]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: Feb 20,2019 at 19:05
In Response to: lI|1o0O (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> > [RANT]
> > And I am no fan of hard carriage returns in text strings that may
> > actually wrap differently than the author intends on different
> devices.
> > [/RANT]
> I see your point, but you have reduced your browser width to about
> 46 columns, and zoomed in the font until the effect started to appear.
> How realistic is that? All my browsers are always maximized, and the
> font set to the default. I use Ctrl+NumPlus copiously, when not wearing
> glasses, for example, and I rarely see this effect.
> On what device/OS did you capture this? I went to my OP and had a
> hard time reproducing it on Windows -- until I reduced my browser's
> width
> to ridiculously low. I'll try with my Android and iOS browsers to see
> when/if the effect appears.
> 123456789*123456789*123456789*123456789*123456789*123456789*123456[70]
> I think I insert hard CRs at about 65-70 (didn't count), and review
> before posting. This width allows me to see what I'm thinking and
> typing, as I tend to write long sentences. Habits from being
> very aware of the 80 column limit in the days of terminals.
> If this habit is screwing up threads and hurting information
> exchange, I'm willing to adapt.

No real need to adapt, Slo. Not as big a deal as I've let on. But you actually did much better this time. Smaller font? That screenshot was taken on my 10" Android tablet, just as the one below was.

Personally, I think CRs inserted into text are a lost cause. With the 'net on everything from phones to widescreen PCs, there is no reasonably standard width any more. From the first word processor I found in the early '80s that autowrapped I've rarely tried to manually wrap text. Let the receiving software/device/aspect ratio wrap it as it will. It will more often do a better job than my feeble efforts.


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