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I run everything maximized   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 21,2019 at 15:27
In Response to: lI|1o0O (Greg Akers)

All my apps run Maximized - ZTree, browsers, Office, YouTube.
I launch Windows Explorer via Win+E, and it's instantly followed
by Alt+Space,X. I launch Task Manager via Ctr+Shift+Esc, again,
followed by Alt+Space,X.

I have two 24" screens and even the smallest Control Panel applet
(or today's Settings panels), if it can be maximized, it is.
It's a habit, and I have a feeling that I do much less scrolling/panning
this way, let alone making the columns, such as those in Task Manager,
as wide as possible, and also to acomodate more of them. Also,
I have never, ever dragged an object to another app. I haven't
seen my Desktop since last reboot (weeks ago).

So, I'm also reading this forum in a fully maximized Firefox --
isn't everybody?
Does anyone shrink the width to less than 100% of their browser?
I mean, my adjacent tab is Gmail, and if the width isn't 100%,
it's unusable! Same for YouTube, etc., I want as much context
as possible. So, maximized all the way!

So, when I read posts with soft returns here -- which are all
of them, it's like watching tennis from the judge's chair, because
I'm at 100% width and about 200+ chars fit on a line. No book/magazine
has lines this wide, just think about it.

My posts don't require shaking my head left-right. I made them narrow
to mimic traditional width, making our subconscious diagonal reading

I guess I'm ignoring the fact that technology increases screen
widths indefinitely, forcing our texts to stretch and fill the
parent container blindly.

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