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I run everything windowed   [OT]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: Feb 21,2019 at 18:09
In Response to: I run everything maximized (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> All my apps run Maximized -
> ZTree, browsers, Office, YouTube.
> I launch Windows Explorer via Win+E, and it's instantly followed
> by Alt+Space,X. I launch Task Manager via Ctr+Shift+Esc, again,
> followed by Alt+Space,X.
> I have two 24" screens and even the smallest Control Panel applet
> (or today's Settings panels), if it can be maximized, it is.
> It's a habit, and I have a feeling that I do much less
> scrolling/panning
> this way, let alone making the columns, such as those in Task Manager,
> as wide as possible, and also to acomodate more of them. Also,
> I have never, ever dragged an object to another app. I haven't
> seen my Desktop since last reboot (weeks ago).
> So, I'm also reading this forum in a fully maximized Firefox --
> isn't everybody?
> Does anyone shrink the width to less than 100% of their browser?
> I mean, my adjacent tab is Gmail, and if the width isn't 100%,
> it's unusable! Same for YouTube, etc., I want as much context
> as possible. So, maximized all the way!
> So, when I read posts with soft returns here -- which are all
> of them, it's like watching tennis from the judge's chair, because
> I'm at 100% width and about 200+ chars fit on a line. No book/magazine
> has lines this wide, just think about it.
> My posts don't require shaking my head left-right. I made them narrow
> to mimic traditional width, making our subconscious diagonal reading
> easier.
> I guess I'm ignoring the fact that technology increases screen
> widths indefinitely, forcing our texts to stretch and fill the
> parent container blindly.

In my work days I ran everything in as small a window as I could use efficiently,
sometimes while watching the progress in other windows. I would spend time on a
lower priority task if the high priority was not workable at the moment. Even if
it was just waiting for a particular email to arrive, I could be typing in some
other app to keep moving forward. Our IT group soon agreed I could make
justifiable use of multiple screens. In fact most of my co-workers thought I was
in the IT Dept., but, no.

Keyboard shortcuts were my instument to quickly move from app to app, top to
bottom, end of line, beginning of line, top left of spreadsheet, bottom right of
spreadsheet. If I forgot my audience when demonstrating something I would
sometimes have to start over and grab the mouse and then stop and think to figure
out "how the non-computer literate" would do it. ;-)

Now, in my retirement, I no longer have multiple screens, but at least one of
them is 1920x1080. Wow! I'd have LOVED to had even just two of these at work!

But, DEAR SLOBODAN, my long-time friend, I post all this more in the good natured
debating spirit of old times here on the ZTW Forum, than in any rage or
frustration. Yes, I even miss reading opinions from the great Kahn, as narrow a
view as I can ever recall, but sometimes making quite a valid point!

So "you do you and I'll do me" as far as texting goes.

- Peace

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