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[Bug] Forward slash in file name, but no 'Error: Invalid Mask'   [Bug]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Feb 26,2019 at 12:58

Using ZTreeW64 v2.4.186:

When I name (or rename) a file or directory, where the new name includes a 'ratio' (fraction) -- that includes a 'forward slash' between the numerator and denominator -- this currently does not trigger an "Error: Invalid Mask" notice -- but instead, the forward slash is simply omitted, without warning.

I'd expected an "Error: Invalid Mask" notice would remind me to substitute an underbar in place of the forward slash. Examples:

3/8 should not become 38 -- instead, an Error warning would remind me to rename the 3/8 to: 3_8 .

Or, including FT3/RT3 should "error", reminding me to replace it with FT3_RT3 -- rather than silently renaming it (incorrectly) to FT3RT3 -- and thereby "losing" that file to future searches for the correct FT3_RT3 search term...



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