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[Wish] Resizable tab widths   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 26,2019 at 15:24
In Response to: [Wish] Resizable tab widths (Slobodan Vujnovic)

Yes, I'm aware that right-clicking a tab (Firefox) and sending it to
a New Window exists, and sometimes do it for YouTube, but it seems an
overkill launching new browser instances, rather than the browser resizing
its children (tabs).

Note that this sending option (Firefox) is actually "Move to New Window",
so you better Duplicate it before doing the move, as there is no way
for this tab to join back its original browser instance. Chrome uses
a drag operation to detach a tab into a new instance, and it also does
not allow bringing it back home. Again, Duplicate before moving tabs
away from home! It's easy to lose your standard tab arrangement, if
you care about that, because of this.

I'm surprised tab resizing does not exist yet, given the huge screens we have
and so many sites that just don't need all that wasted space. All MDI
interfaces I can think of always allowed child geometry resizing.


Why are browsers so special, or so dumb?

Launching two instances (with all the extra menus and decorations) to
put two narrow sites next to each other looks stupid, compared to just
having two adjacent tabs' width adjusted...

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