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Not a bug   [Bug]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Feb 26,2019 at 15:45
In Response to: [Bug] Forward slash in file name, but no 'Error: Invalid Mask' (Bill Kingsbury)

> When I name (or rename) a file or directory, where the new name
> includes a 'ratio' (fraction) -- that includes a 'forward slash'
> between the numerator and denominator -- this currently does not trigger
> an "Error: Invalid Mask" notice -- but instead, the forward slash is
> simply omitted, without warning.

The Rename function uses the forward slash as part of the Rename Mask to delete specific characters in the file/directory name. It is therefore valid in Rename, Move and Copy functions.

See Help file section 3.3.1.

(Also, FYI, bug reports can still be posted under the current build, which has rollled off onto page 2 of the forum).

- John


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