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It's a question of style...   [OT]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Feb 26,2019 at 16:44
In Response to: It's a question of style... (Martijn Coppoolse)

> Or you could include this bit in each of your replies (note
> that the extra spaces are important):
> .posting { max-width: 40em; }

This is great info Martijn. Thanks. I greatly appreciate your tips. I've been playing with this now for a little while (and apologize to anyone getting RSS feeds of all my test posts).

First I discovered that no matter where in the posting you place this script, it applies to the entire post. Therefore if the 'em' is too small it breaks up the included > text lines of the post to which you're responding. The forum response window appears to break these lines at about 75 characters. (I'm not sure if this is dependent on the browser or the font being used, but it's what I see the forum doing in Firefox.)

So I was trying to find the best 'em' value when responding to another's post, and settled on an em of 45. I use Courier New as my default browser font, so again, I'm not sure whether this is browser or font dependent.

For everyone's info, the forum script purposely does not apply a font to the postings. This is so you can set your browser to the default font of your choice when a web page font is not specified. This option is available in IE, Chrome and Firefox, but not in Edge.

- John

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