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Opera used to have this   [OT]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Feb 27,2019 at 04:53
In Response to: [Wish] Resizable tab widths (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> I think I caught up with the
> discussion, and plan to try some of
> Martijn's great insights, but I realize that all my issues would
> be GONE if only the browsers allowed the following:
> Variable width tabs!
> Today, if you maximize the browser (which is a must in my case),
> all tabs inherit the parent's width. For half of them, like this
> forum, you end up with those huge lines. I read a lot of Wikipedia,
> and also find it too wide, because it no longer resembles a
> book-reading experience. Same with Twitter -- huge empty space
> left and right.

The old defunct non-chrome version of Opera had this capability out of the box. You could cascade tabes, tile them horizontally, vertically or both and resize them by moving the borders in the obvious way.

I wish they hadn't killed it.


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