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[Not a Bug] - but "Beautiful Plumage"   [Bug]

By: Chester Kemp       
Date: Feb 27,2019 at 14:18
In Response to: [Not a Bug] - but "Beautiful Plumage" (Ben Kent)

Sorry about lack of response - suffering from a irritatingly long human virus problem.

> I think you are asking for spell search to have a toggle/configuration
> item that causes it to ignore/delete characters that don't match.

Don't think so - if humanly going down an old phone book, my thumb would stop at where the search failed (where it could have been inserted)- not a machine version which can stop an indeterminate distance before your brain would.
> So you could just keep typing any old rubbish, and when there is a hit,
> ZTree moves a character along.

Not sure about the derisory "any old rubbish" - just a real world situation!

> For my use of spell search I wouldn't want that, but if enough people
> think its a useful behavior, I don't object to it being a non-default
> option.
> I always want to only find files/directories that match exactly what I
> have typed, either begins with using the Active mode, or in the name
> using the prompted mode using *stuff*.*, I have CO-6I=No.

I would agree if I was searching through files and directories. But in my case, I am talking of a list of people (which just happen to be filenames).

Best wishes

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