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Spell Search "No Match" behavior   [Bug]

By: Chester Kemp       
Date: Feb 27,2019 at 14:23
In Response to: Spell Search "No Match" behavior (John Gruener)

Sorry about my curtailment - suffering from a irritatingly long human virus problem. I appreciate your dialogue.

My analogy (which is also literal) is mentioned above in my reply to Ben.

best wishes

> Sorry about the curtailment. I didn't want to be the only one besides
> Kim responding to your request in the negative. Now that Ben has also
> shared his thoughts, I'd like to recap mine.
> I'm responding first to a point made earlier in this thread:
> --------------------
> CK>>> Does anyone else have a need for an alphabetical sorting?
> CK>>> It could be implemented by a CO6L - the L is currently unused.
> JG>> Chester, I'm confused. I must be missing something. Do you not
> already
> JG>> have the files sorted in name-ascending sequence with Alt-Sort?
> CK> None of the example would make sense if it wasn't.
> My confusion was simply that it appeared you were asking for an
> "alphabetical sorting" option. Perhaps it's just semantics, but if the
> files are in name sequence, they are already alphabetically sorted. Thus
> my confusion.
> But this also begs the question of what to do if the files are in some
> other sequence. What then would you have ZTree do when there is "No
> Match"?
> --------------------
> > I posed three points in the result of the previous search:
> > (1) what tangible use is the place where you end up?
> > (2) What would you do with it?
> > (3) What activity would typically follow?"
> >
> > As I had no answer, I assumed it was a dead parrot!!
> >
> > As John missed my purpose, perhaps I may be missing his too. We are
> > all human.
> OK, let me try once more to clarify my point. I'd like to ask the same
> 3 questions you pose above if Spell Search worked the way you want. I
> don't understand what "tangible use" it would be to have the highlight
> moved onto the next alphabetically-named file. What would you do with it?
> What activity would follow? It's not like you could press an insert key
> at that point and insert the file name you are looking for like you could
> while editing a text file. I'm sorry Chester, but I just don't
> understand the purpose or benefit.
> - John

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