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Re: Forward slash in a file name...   [Bug]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Mar 01,2019 at 03:44
In Response to: Not a bug (John Gruener)

> The Rename function uses the forward slash as part of the Rename Mask to delete specific characters in the file/directory name. It is therefore valid in Rename, Move and Copy functions.
> See Help file section 3.3.1.

OK, thanks... I'd forgotten about that use, with a _single_ forward slash -- because I've only used the "forward slash character-delete" operation for deleting long strings of characters.

In any case, I would prefer a "Warning message" (rather than an Error message) that would appear _only_ when a Rename-type of command was applied -- if the new name included one or more _single_ forward slashes... For example, a file name that includes your phrase:

"ZTW- Rename Mask to delete specific characters in the file/directory name.txt"

> (Also, FYI, bug reports can still be posted under the current build, which has rolled off onto page 2 of the forum).

Yes... I'd forgotten about the "Next Page >>" link at the bottom-right corner of the Forum Index page.



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