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[Q] How to Sort Megaview's wide lines ?   [Q]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Mar 03,2019 at 21:48

Is there a way to alpha-numerically "Sort" Megaview's wide lines, displayed on the right side of the ZTW Megaview window?

I hope so, because this would facilitate quickly locating the "errored filenames" for any specific, Filtered file type.. Those errored file names would "sort" to the top, or to the end, of the file list -- when the list is sorted alphabetically.

I find Megaview is very useful for locating files that accidentally have the wrong extension... Such as when the incorrect "filename22.JPG"... should be "filename22.PNG"... In that case, an alphabetical sorting by the Top-lines in Megaview -- especially in Branch, Showall, or Global modes -- would immediately group-together any number of similarly "wrong extensioned" files -- due to their similar, but erroneous Top lines (as seen in Megaview). This would facilitate their Tagging for a Ctrl-Rename fix, to rapidly apply the correct extensions to all.



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