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[Q] How to Sort Megaview's wide lines ?   [Q]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Mar 04,2019 at 09:05
In Response to: [Q] How to Sort Megaview's wide lines ? (Bill Kingsbury)

> Is there a way to alpha-numerically "Sort" Megaview's wide lines,
> displayed on the right side of the ZTW Megaview window?

Do you mean Ctrl-F7 in File View ?
This seems to be a sibling of F7 Autoview, with the difference that part of the contents of each file is displayed in the right part of the line instead of in an Autoview Viewer window.

I guess that ZTree not yet has a routine which sorts by the Megaview contents.
The currently implemented Sort criteria only are considering filename, path to file (incl. length), file size and file's date fields (modify, create, access).

A sort criteria by file contents would have to be coded separately IMHO.

> I hope so, because this would facilitate quickly locating the "errored
> filenames" for any specific, Filtered file type.. Those errored file
> names would "sort" to the top, or to the end, of the file list -- when
> the list is sorted alphabetically.

would be useful, yes :)


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