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[Help!] Copy an Paste a Large Folder With Subfolders to Another Drive   [Help!]

By: Alan Smedley     Sydney Australia  
Date: Mar 12,2019 at 01:11
In Response to: [Help!] Copy an Paste a Large Folder With Subfolders to Another Drive (John Baum)

> I want to work on a folder on my System Drive. I need to combine
> several SeaMonkey mail folders and want to try a strategy offered on the
> Mozillazine SM forum. The folder is:
> C:UsersMyNameAppDataRoamingMozilla
> I've been advised to 'copy the folder to another location' before
> undertaking the work.
> I've set up a directory:
> D:ZTW_TempMozillaProfile031019
> on my data drive.
> What's the most straightforward way to create a copy that I can copy
> back to the System Drive if I my efforts do not work out?
> thanks,
> John

If I was doing this, for simplicity of maintaining the directory structures if you ever need to copy back the files over the original location and not have to be working out where they were and attempt to match them up, I would suggest making the root of the directory tree you want to be archiving the current directory and firstly release all other directories that may be logged with Alt-R. Next I would log all file in any sub-directories using the Star key. I would then do a Ctrl-T so all of the files are tagged. Then do a Ctrl-S to ShowAll. Now do a Alt-C to copy all file from all sub-directories to the D: drive and forget about using the temporary directory you have created.

This way it is a simple process to put the files back top their source is needed as you log just the directory and its sub-directories in the D: drive, Tag all of the files and do an Alt-C to the C: drive.

Changing the directory name of where you archive the files can get messy, particularly if you may want the files to go back to where the were.

Alan Smedley


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