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[Help!] Alt-Mirror or Alt-Copy?   [Help!]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Mar 12,2019 at 01:26
In Response to: [Help!] Copy an Paste a Large Folder With Subfolders to Another Drive (Alan Smedley)

> > I want to work on a folder on my System Drive. I need to combine
> > several SeaMonkey mail folders and want to try a strategy offered on
> the
> > Mozillazine SM forum. The folder is:
> >
> > C:UsersMyNameAppDataRoamingMozilla
> >
> > I've been advised to 'copy the folder to another location' before
> > undertaking the work.
> >
> > I've set up a directory:
> >
> > D:ZTW_TempMozillaProfile031019
> >
> > on my data drive.
> >
> > What's the most straightforward way to create a copy that I can copy
> > back to the System Drive if I my efforts do not work out?
> >
> > thanks,
> > John
> If I was doing this, for simplicity of maintaining the directory
> structures if you ever need to copy back the files over the original
> location and not have to be working out where they were and attempt to
> match them up, I would suggest making the root of the directory tree you
> want to be archiving the current directory and firstly release all other
> directories that may be logged with Alt-R. Next I would log all file in
> any sub-directories using the Star key. I would then do a Ctrl-T so all
> of the files are tagged. Then do a Ctrl-S to ShowAll. Now do a Alt-C to
> copy all file from all sub-directories to the D: drive and forget about
> using the temporary directory you have created.
> This way it is a simple process to put the files back top their source
> is needed as you log just the directory and its sub-directories in the D:
> drive, Tag all of the files and do an Alt-C to the C: drive.
> Changing the directory name of where you archive the files can get
> messy, particularly if you may want the files to go back to where the
> were.
> Alan Smedley

Before you decide, you should read lines 4925-4933 in the help file:

An alternative command for copying files to directories having the same names
is the Alt-Copy command. Six important differences from Alt-Copy when using
Alt-Mirror are:
- It (Alt-Mirror) makes no difference whether or not files are tagged.
- It will copy empty directories.
- It will copy (and can set) directory attributes.
- It will preserve directory creation and last-access timestamps.
- F4 must be used to be prompted for replacing existing or newer files.
- There is an option to synchronize directories.


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