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[ZEP] Multiple instance history merging   [ZEP]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Apr 04,2019 at 17:09

Those of you who run multiple instances will be well aware that the last instance to be closed overwrites the history file. The filter, treespec, batch mask, etc, you carefully set up in an earlier instance is gone.

Ztw.hst is just a text file. Would it be practical to merge the entries instead of simply overwriting them? The first few lines of mine look like this:
bm=%1x%d %s
bm=%1 %d %s
bm=%1 %d
bm=csv2excel -i %1 -o %2:%3\%4.xlsx -v -c\t -fxlsx
bm=csv2excel -i %1 -o %2:%3%4.xlsx -v -c\t -fxlsx
bm=csv2excel -i %1 -o %2%3%4.xlsx -v -c\t -fxlsx
bm=%d %s
bm=ren %1 %1

I assume those are history entries for the Attribute command (at=) and the control+Batch command (bm= is the mask, bn= is the name). I tried editing mine. I duplicated and modified one of the bm entries. When I opened Ztree, it was available in the history, so this is technically possible.

On closing, it could read in the current ztw.hst and merge it with what's already active in memory, then write it out again. Perhaps optionally, for those who don't want certain history item cluttering up what's already there.

It could also store the date/time of the history file when starting, and if a change is detected on closing, ask if you want to merge or overwrite. Might cause problems with scripts encountering an unexpected prompt.

Previously discussed here: http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=119022
The only solution proposed there was to used alternaqte configuration files for each instance. That works, but only retains the histories, and doesn't merge them.

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