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[ZEP] Multiple instance history merging   [ZEP]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Apr 07,2019 at 17:44
In Response to: [ZEP] Multiple instance history merging (Ben Kent)

> Just doing that would loose history ordering, I read the histories into
> arrays of objects, the objects include the original order. Then sort all,
> merge by type to improve efficiency, using the order property where
> needed. Then a sort of the output array removing items marked for
> deletion, ordering by type, then the order property, with a little bit of
> sort by expression to force zt= to be last.

I tried an experiment. Saved a copy of ztw.hst, started ztree, changed the filter, exited, combined the new and old ztw.hst files, changed the filter, exited.

The new ztw.hst now has 1541 entries vs 772 before. It's sorted in order of the entry types, but with twice as many of each as before. The zt= line only occurs once, at the bottom like normal. I'm not sure which other 2 entries vanished.

The limit for marked entries is 64, but I don't think it checks when it you add them this way. It just doesn't let you use some.

My histories are duplicated, so this is impractical, but it shows that it's not necessary to worry about making sure zt= is last when you merge.

> Have you tested the script
> http://www.ztw3.com/upfile/mergeztreehistory.zip ?

No, this is a feature I think would make ztree a lot nicer to work with for not a huge programming effort, but not so painful that I really need a workaround.

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