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[Bug] v2.4.186 Lost file on interrupted move AGAIN!   [Zeta]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Apr 09,2019 at 04:31
In Response to: [Bug] v2.4.186 Lost file on interrupted move (John Leslie)

> I'm sure I've seen this before. I was just moving a file (c.
> 360MB) from my local PC (Win 10 Pro x64 with 64-bit ZTree) to a NAS (I
> tried a similar file, was 67MB/s or so via WiFi so about a 5 sec task).
> Part way through I saw I'd got the wrong file and hit Escape. Afterwards
> the file was gone at source and destination. Maybe some issue with
> checking it had arrived and noting if ZTree had asked the NAS to delete
> it? Note using /APIT -
> C:\ZTW\ZTW64.EXE /XT /L1 /XP /ROWS:50 /COLS:96 /APIT

It's really a thing, just had a newly-arrived file (so not backed-up) disappear (c. 1.5GB installer). I was moving it to a NAS directory, realised I wanted to copy it and do the install locally, hit Esc maybe 60-70% of the way through and it's gone. Not on the NAS, not locally. Plus can't be undeleted. Also I was only allowed to download it once... :-(

Really a big issue for me (unsurprisingly).

A fix would be enormously appreciated!

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