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[Q] How long should it take before 9 million files start copying?   [Q]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: May 02,2019 at 04:07

Hi all,

When I restarted my machine yesterday, it stopped at the boot screen with a SMART warning of imminent drive failure. I continued the boot process, telling Windows to start normally, and everything appears to work fine.

Now, all my important stuff are either located on the network (documents), or synchronised to the network or cloud (source code, browser settings), so losing that hard drive wouldn’t lead to actual data loss. But it would mean losing a lot of configuration settings, and tools. It would take quite a lot of time to restore all my configuration settings, and utilities.

So this morning, I took my external drive from home, to copy all files I will want on my new machine; over 500 GB. I figured that will be faster than copying it all to the network, and I also don’t think IT would be pleased with me using an extra half terabyte, even if it’s only temporarily.

So I fired up my favourite file manager, logged the entire drive, tagged all files, and then untagged the files in a few choice branches containing files I probably won’t ever need (which would take up an additional 300 GB), then saved this all to a ZLog file.

Then, I went to the [B]ranch containing all tagged files (and waited for the list to be assembled — 9 million tagged files of 12 million logged files does take a minute or so). Then I pressed [Alt+C]opy, to duplicate paths and copy all tagged files, and confirmed. But ZTreeWin hasn’t moved since then, 30 minutes ago (apart from the spinner). It’s been at 25% CPU (it’s a quad-core machine, so 100% on a single core):


Is it supposed to take that long before it starts copying?


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