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[Q] How long should it take before 9 million files start copying?   [Q]

By: KJohnson     Vancouver, WA, US  
Date: May 03,2019 at 20:40
In Response to: [Q] How long should it take before 9 million files start copying? (Martijn Coppoolse)

> Is it supposed to take that long before it starts copying?

I don't have an answer for you about ZTree copying that many files all in one operation. Perhaps it is taking a long time simply because the drive is failing and it has to retry every read 10 times or more.

When I want to clone a full drive I use robocopy.exe. Once you figure out all the command line options, it works very well. An advantage to robocopy.exe is that it's multi-threaded and will start several file copy operations simultaneously. I believe ZTree will do it single-threaded which might result in more tightly packed, non-fragmented files, but will take longer.


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