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[Help!] Search for text and replace with <del> key   [Help!]

By: Neil Clough     Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
Date: May 12,2019 at 01:27
In Response to: [Help!] Search for text and replace with key (Doug Borg)

> Therefore, I would do a global S&R for the string "\$\n" (where
> "\$" is an ESCAPE sequence that turns the "$" special character
> which stands for EOL in a regular expression into a simple text character
> and "\n" matches any line ending character sequence), and leave the
> replacement field blank. I just tested it out on some sample text and it
> seemed to work.
> Does that technique work for you?

Hi Doug

Thanks for suggestion. Works exactly as needed.

I had to use TextPad.

My regular editor is PSPad (Freeware recommend by Laurent many moons ago) which is a fantastic editor (apart from this requirement !!)

It says it is doing a Regex Search and replace but it doesn't understand "/$/?n" so does not work for my case.

I will log a query on their forum.

Thanks again,


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