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[Q] UnRAR slowdown   [Q]

By: Liviu       
Date: May 28,2019 at 18:48

I am seeing the same behavior described here i.e. UnRAR'ing gets progressively slower with archives that contain many files/directories.

For a random example, I downloaded the git v2.21 source .zip and repacked it as a (*non* solid) RAR file. Extracting (via Alt-F5) all files from the ZIP took 30 sec, while extracting the same exact files from the RAR took 3.5 times that (= 1:45) and became slower and slower towards the end. The results are consistent whether using the UnZIP/UnRAR DLLs vs. (temporarily) renaming those so that the command lines in the BB2 file are used, instead.

Both the ZIP and RAR files unpack in 2-3 seconds at the cmd prompt, or using WinRAR. I realize that there is an overhead in ZTree about updating the display and other housekeeping, however I would have expected that overhead to be comparable between archive types ZIP vs. RAR. Any insight, clues, or tips much appreciated.


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