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[Q] UnRAR slowdown   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jun 04,2019 at 17:03
In Response to: [Q] UnRAR slowdown (Liviu)

> > ZTree does extraction file by file, which will cause heavy
> performance
> > issues extracting many files from large solid archives.
> Thanks, but I think you missed the color="#003399"> (*non* solid)  part of my post. This
> is *not* about a solid archive (expected) side-effect, but rather a 3x
> discrepancy between the overhead of extracting the same files between ZIP
> and RAR formats, unlike the command line which gives comparable times.

Obviously I missed that bit.

So probably the unrar*.dll is causing your issue, but I expect you have worked that out for yourself, given your other ZEP post for an option to disable the un*.dll's.



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