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"Error: Invalid Name [123] D:\etc\temp\C:"   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jun 04,2019 at 17:17
In Response to: "Error: Invalid Name [123] D:\etc\temp\C:" (Oliver Pretzel)

> > I am unable to Alt-Extract any files
> > from the archive, even from below the drive letters level. I am
> wondering
> > whether (a) there is something wrong with my BB2 entries, or (b) I
> > misunderstand how this is supposed to work, or maybe (c) it will take
> > changes in ZTree to support such archives. Below are some more
> technical
> > details.
> I think the problem is caused by including drive letters and colons in
> the file names and your option (b) applies. I assume 7za can extract such
> files with paths, but I guess only to their drives + absolute paths. The
> drives would have to present and writable. (I have not checked this and
> 7za may be more sophisticated than that).
> Ztree alt-extracts to a branch, say D:\etc\temp. Given the names in
> the archive it will try and create a file
> D:\etc\temp\C:\etc\c$.tmp. That is illegal because : is not allowed
> in file or directory names.
Well normally not, but if the application understand NTFS streams, then the part before the second colon is the file/directory name, and the part after is the stream name.

> It might be possible to change ZTree's parsing of archive file names
> to strip the colon. Then it would extract the files to subdirectories
> whose names are the drive letter without the colon,
> D:\etc\temp\C\etc\c$.tmp. I'm not sure how useful that would be.
> /Oliver

Yes I expect that is the cause, I have never seen an archive with a stored drive letter and colon, I think that the author of 7-Zip took "store full paths" a bit too literally.

All the other archiveres take that to mean full path from the root.


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