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[Help!] Skip UAC Running ZTW (Admin)?   [Help!]

By: Liviu       
Date: Jun 08,2019 at 00:09
In Response to: [Help!] Skip UAC Running ZTW (Admin)? (Steven James)

> On my older system running Windows 7 (Ult.), I'm able to run ZTreeWin
> as Admin without a UAC prompt.

What is the exact command line that gets executed under Win7?

> Under Windows 10, I'm again back to the UAC prompt.

Did you ever get the UAC prompt for *other* programs in Win7? ZTreeWin is no different in that respect.

> Can someone tell me how I may have set ZTreeWin (or other) to skip the UAC?

Things haven't changed much since Win7 UAC-wise. Maybe you were using some 3rd party utility like the ones mentioned here.



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