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[Wish] TAGS_ONLY macro mnemonic to avoid CTRL_F4 toggle   [Wish]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jun 24,2019 at 02:58
In Response to: [Wish] TAGS_ONLY macro mnemonic to avoid CTRL_F4 toggle (Ben Kent)

> Similarly these special mnemonics could be added
> FILEWINDOW Could raise an error depending on CO-2Q and R

Sounds helpful.

> Prompted spell search, could do with a F12 Reset, or a RESET mnemonic.

Wouldn't CTRL_BKSP after '|' be sufficient?
Had a short try using macro recording (|,CTRL_BKSP,dirname,RET), and it seems to work.

> These need to be added to the help file

Just curious: What do these key-combos do?
Are they needed within ZTree?  Or for passing them to a ZAAP?



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