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[ZEP] A new % value   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jun 26,2019 at 15:35
In Response to: [ZEP] A new % value (Walt)

> See my second post -- I added info forgotten in the first post and
> couldn't edit.

I did see the second post, but it didn't click what you were getting at.
To me the current directory is the directory of the highlighted file.
Using those definitions if C:\AAA\BBB\CCC is the current directory, then how can ZTree know which sub file you are referring to?

Maybe you are referring to the branch directory.

I think you may mean

Given this directory structure: C:\AAA\BBB\CCC\DDD\EEE\file.ext
Navigate to C:\AAA\BBB\CCC
Highlight file DDD\EEE\file.ext
%c returns the path relative to the branch i.e. DDD\EEE

There are already these
%e - Current dir ext
%n - Current dir name
%r - Root of Branch

so maybe this new one should be
%b - Path relative to the branch

So it doesn't get confused with the Current dir ones in peoples heads.



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