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Thanks for the correction   [Q]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Jun 28,2019 at 11:32
In Response to: Alt-\ fails on my system. Alt-; works but not in directory window (Ben Kent)

On my UK-Keyboard Alt-\ does not work.

> > The alternative Alt-; works, but only in the file windows not in the
> > directory window.

> > /Oliver

> UK keyboard layout here.
> \ is between Shift, a and z.
> Both keys are working.
> Ben

I have a UK-international Keyboard driver. It gives loads of accents using the right Alt-Key(the red keys are dead keys which place the accent on the following letter):


but it seems to cause the Alt-\ combination to fail. I believe Kim added Alt-; because that happens with some international keyboard layouts.

> File window, the ordinal is at the bottom.
> Directory window, the ordinal is at the top, so maybe you missed it.

Yes indeed. I only lookes at the bottom. You live and learn

Thank you,



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