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Thanks, Kim and Martjin.   [Q]

By: Steven James       
Date: Jul 01,2019 at 18:18
In Response to: Legacy mode (Kim Henkel)

> > I'm guessing this is related to the way the console host was
> updated
> > so that text in a command-line window is automatically 're-flowed'
> when
> > the screen size changes. But I'm not sure as to the specifics
> involved,
> > or how the interaction between ZTreeWin and the console host triggers
> > this behaviour.
> Exactly- if you can live without the new console functionality, setting
> the shortcut settings to "Use legacy console' will avoid it.

Thanks guys.

The new console setting does the trick.
In response to Walt's post, as I mentioned, two successive Alt-F7's clear things up nicely for me.



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