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[Help!] Log DCIM Folders on an iPhone?   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jul 02,2019 at 16:06
In Response to: [Help!] Log DCIM Folders on an iPhone? (John Baum)

> Is it feasible to log and access the DCIM image folders on an Apple
> iPhone?
> I have a classic format iPhone5 necessarily running iOS 10.3.3.
> I can navigate to the folders using Win7 Explorer but it would be nice
> to use ZTreeWin!
> Unfortunately I do not see 'Drive Letters' assigned to the device
> when it is connected. Does this categorically preclude using ZTreeWin?
> thanks,
> John


The general question is "can ZTree work with MTP storage", the answer is no, because they are mounted as namespaces in Explorer and ZTree can only work with drive letters as source locations (although it can use UNC's for destinations).

Have a look at https://www.mtpdrive.com/, which should mount the MTP device as a drive letter, which ZTree will then be able to work with.

You can try before you buy.



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