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[ZEP] Filters in Directory and File Mode   [ZEP]

By: Pat Gilbert     Brisbane, Australia  
Date: Jul 03,2019 at 11:12

I have tagged this a ZEP as it may be beneficial to others if I have understood the current filter mode functions correctly. If it has already been discussed and clarified then I apologise as my brief search did not find it.

The scenario is that my office uses PaloAlto "TRAPS" protection for their network domain and laptop users. This software, as one of its protection methods creates hidden files and folders ALL over the PC directory structure and any removeable drive connected to it. People who only use windows will never see these files or directories and will be none the wiser but they make an almighty mess when using ZTreeWin.

The files and directory names usually start with "!!!!!" and "ZZZZZ" or some special character that look like spaces but may change to "XORXOR???????" when certain filters are applied. The remaining parts of the name are a set of numerals with a common type of extension e.g. "!!!!!123456789.doc" or "......123456789.xls" (I have used dots instead of spaces as the html does not seem to want to keep my spaces). The naming is so that these dummy files appear at the begining and end of directory which is typically where malware looks for files to infect.

I managed to set a filter in my shortcut startup to hide the majority of these files but when I use a filter to hide the files with 6 starting spaces it works in ZTree but not in the shortcut startup

ZTree Filter that works for the files
-!!!!!*.*,-ZZZZZ*.*,-XORXOR*.*,-"......*.*" (replace dots with spaces)

shortcut parameters that work
-"!!!!!*.*" -"ZZZZZ*.*" -"XORXOR*.*

shortcut parameters that does not work
-"!!!!!*.*" -"ZZZZZ*.*" -"XORXOR*.* -"......*.*" (replace dots with spaces)

In this case the filter that is applied is the same as -*.* and no files are displayed. If somebody knows a way to make this work in the shortcut I would be very grateful.

I can live without the shortcut working the same however, but what I would like is the DIR MODE filter to apply the view not just in the small window in DIR MODE but also in the main Directory Window AND also when switching to FILE MODE so the filter is maintained. To me, it seems more logical that if you filter directories you also don't want to see them when in File Mode. I seem to recall that you can't copy and paste between FILE MODE filters and DIR MODE filters so there may be technical reasons that make this not possible or very difficult in which case consider the ZEP withdrawn.

Lastly, on a personal note, I just want to say that my love for this software has not diminished over the years and although I still get flak from people who don't know and don't want to know, I just have a little laugh inside at their blind mediocrity!


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