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[Comment] You learn something new even after 20years.   [Comment]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jul 03,2019 at 10:54
In Response to: [Comment] You learn something new even after 20years. (David Wall)

> Frightening - only today have I discovered that you are 'NOT'
> limited to 3 character extension names when using Ztree' facility of
> Open against a Filename.EXT.
> I just created an abcd.BAT file in the ztree folder that operates on
> Filename.abcd as well as ab.BAT that works on Filename.ab.
> This has opened up a whole new avenue of exploration.
> No longer am I limited to copying & renaming files to have different
> operations performed against them.
> The F1 Help could be changed as it 'only' mentions .ext - could be
> changed to .extn.
> Just my 2c.

Actually, its a feature of Windows.
You *can* create extension with more than three letters in Windows Explorer as well as in command shell.

Laurent Duchastel


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