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By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Jul 04,2019 at 19:47
In Response to: Macros? (Pat Gilbert)

> > I haven't tested it, but perhaps something like
> > *.*,QUOTE" could work?
> Martijn,
> Many thanks! This works as long as on launching the shortcut the first
> thing I do is press ENTER to accept the filter prompt which appears. I
> presume we can add a RETURN to the macro at the end?

Sorry Pat, I forgot about the prompt. Yes, if you add ‘,RET’ at the end (just before the " double quote), ZTreeWin will behave as if ENTER was pressed to confirm the filter. (Like I said, I didn't test it :-P)

> I have not used macros so am unfamiliar with the format but will read
> up and do some testing.
> This of course does not help with the directory display I would like.

No, that's true. I was merely responding to your remark:
> If somebody knows a way to make this work in the shortcut I would be very grateful.

Of course, you could set the filter for the Dir window in the macro as well; by adding ,w,f, followed by the directory filters you want (quoted as necessary) and ,RET,w to confirm that filter and switch back to file mode again. That filter will then be remembered if you switch to dir mode later.

But the Tree Window doesn't seem to take directory filters into account -- and I can imagine that could be more difficult to implement for Kim. But I've never seen ZTreeWin's source code, so I don't know.

In the meantime, I can think of two other workarounds: ZNOLOG.INI and ZCOLORS.INI.

You could take a look at the ZNOLOG.INI file (in ZTreeWin's home directory), and add lines to make sure the offending directories aren't logged; I don't know if they have subdirectories, but that would prevent ZTreeWin from logging those by default, at any rate.

And you could probably also edit the ZCOLORS.INI file (also in ZTreeWin's home directory) to apply a less visible color to the offending files and directories... Or even assign them the same color as the background, effectively making them invisible (though they would still take up rows in the display -- and you could only make them visible by highlighting each file them directly).

The directory-specific colors affect both the Tree Window and the Directory Windows.
Personally, I use ZCOLORS.INI to highlight directory symlinks and junctions, and also system directories, and make hidden directories appear more dim. But that's all based on attributes, and while I know files can be assigned colors based on filter specs as well, I don't think this is supported for directories. Though I imagine those special files and directories you want to filter out are marked as hidden, read-only and/or system, so you could maybe use that to your advantage...


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