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[Q] Strange Mapped Drive Delay Behaviors   [Q]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Jul 31,2019 at 19:06

My networking team just moved our storage into the cloud (AWS) and I've noticed some funky behavior.

When I press Enter on any directory, it takes a LONG time for it to respond and show the files in that directory... like 45-60 seconds. I immediately move to another directory in the list, and hit enter again - same thing... long wait

However, when I hit * at the top of the branch, yes it has that long pause again before beginning the logging, but once it gets going, it hauls ass nice and quickly, which I know it's logging subdirectories, files, etc. but with no delays.

So I'm wondering what could be causing the difference between a single request to get files in any of the directories, and hitting * and watching it rip through each sub-directory very quickly.

I'm told this is using a Samba connection (Linux volume).

It was using Samba locally too, but zero delays like I'm seeing now.

Any ideas what this is about?

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