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[Bug] Hello all. re: pkzipc not decrypting a zip file created in pkzip for windows 14   [Bug]

By: Paul Borisoff       
Date: Aug 05,2019 at 14:44

A bug? This is not a big issue, but it will be nice to see the root of the problem.

A zip file created using ctrl-F5 and invoking pkzipc (through archiver.bb2) can be decrypted using alt-F5... put in the password and it extracts.

A zip file created and encrypted by pkzip for windows 14 (the mother program)can not be decrypted by the command-line, pkzipc using alt-F5. Ztree returns error [81] uncompatible format.

Yet... executing pkzipc as a stand-alone from the run prompt of windows 10 or from ztree's command-line (x) works fine. pkzip for windows can handle the encrypted file produced by ztree.

I am using the profile for pkzip 4.x/5.0 listed in the archiver.bb2 It invokes pkzipc and I presume that the commands listed haven't changed.

The pkzip.exe is only present on the system once and accompanies the current verson. I added its location to the environmental path.

So obviously the answer is to encrypt and decrypt within the same program. But I'm curious why decryption fails when using alt-F5, invoking pkzipc.


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