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[Bug] IIRC ZTW No longer uses external ZIP archiver   [Bug]

By: Paul Borisoff       
Date: Aug 06,2019 at 10:51
In Response to: [Bug] IIRC ZTW No longer uses external ZIP archiver (Art Kocsis)

> > A zip file created using ctrl-F5 and invoking pkzipc (through
> > archiver.bb2) can be decrypted using alt-F5... put in the password
> and it
> > extracts.
> IIRC, zip file creation/extraction is now handled internally by ZTW. It
> doesn't use an external archived at all. So the Ctl-F5/Alt-F5 commands
> are not using your pkzipc but internal ZTW code instead. Verify this by
> disabling all your zip archivers and rerun your test.

Thanks Art...

Yes, I've become smarter... looking into pkzip and setting encryption to tradition
encryption... winzip with legacy 2.0... it works with ztree.

This is fine.




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