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ZTW No longer uses external ZIP archiver for decryption only   [Bug]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Aug 07,2019 at 11:52
In Response to: [Bug] IIRC ZTW No longer uses external ZIP archiver (Art Kocsis)

> IIRC, zip file creation/extraction is now handled internally by ZTW. It
> doesn't use an external archiver at all.

To the best of my knowledge creation is still handled by the external archiver (as shown by the Ctrl-F5 menu oprion to select the archiver). Opening, reading and extraction is handled by the unzip.dll internal library.

You may be able to solve your reading problem by updating to the latest unzip.dll library.

Incidentally, the same holds for rar archives (using unrar.dll), but for other archives (eg 7-zip) extraction is handled by the *first* applicable archiver in archiver.bb2, ie the first one that matches the signature in the file. I assume ZTree scans archiver.bb2, sequentially tests the signature givn in the entries and accepts the first archiver that produces a match


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