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[Bug] IIRC ZTW No longer uses external ZIP archiver   [Bug]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Aug 09,2019 at 21:02
In Response to: [Bug] IIRC ZTW No longer uses external ZIP archiver (Art Kocsis)

> > > IIRC, zip file creation/extraction is now handled internally by ZTW.
> > > It doesn't use an external archived at all. So the Ctl-F5/Alt-F5
> > > commands are not using your pkzipc but internal ZTW code instead.
> > > Verify this by disabling all your zip archivers and rerun your test.

This is not entirely true. As Oliver pointed out, for the "internal" process ZTree uses the UNZIP DLL libraries, if they exist. But if they don't exist it reverts to the first BB2 entry that matches the file signature (regardless of the extension).

> I didn't realize that there were different methods / formats for zip
> file encryption but that would explain why ZTW (internal) failed to
> decrypt the Nirsoft utility package. Even though the password was
> correct, ZTW said it wasn't. Had to use 7z GUI to extract the files.
> What this implies is that ZTW's internal zip process needs updating.
> In case Kim does not read all of these comments you should post your
> experience as a bug report under the last ZETA release.

I think Kim reads them all, but it's certainly helpful to him to have all bug reports in one place. I also don't think this is a bug, nor does the internal process need updating.

The internal UNZIP DLL libraries can extract the NirSoft passworded package just fine, as can the external PKZIPC program when these DLL libraries are not present. So this does not explain why it failed to extract the NirSoft package in your case.

What may be happening is the UNZIP DLL library files are not in your ZTree directory, and you've modified the BB2 file so that "Windows" is no longer in the name line (line 1) of your PKZIP entry. See the paragraph near the end of the BB2 file comments about the Encrypt option with PKZip. Although it describes encrypting, it also applies when a password is required for decrypting.

- John


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