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OSK.exe   [Help!]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Aug 19,2019 at 01:32
In Response to: OSK.exe (Peter Shute)

Thanks Pete!

You just solved my July 9 posting about Remote Desktop from iDevices issues!

Had no idea about On Screen Keyboard!

> I've just realised that the osk.exe that Andrew mentioned is built
> into Windows, and can be used on any PC, not just tablets. I had already
> found that one, but had decided it wasn't helpful because it was so
> tiny.
> But then I realised it can be resized, which I managed to do using the
> on screen trackpad, one finger on the left button, one finger on the pad
> to drag the edge. Still too small for normal use, but ok if I'm
> desperate to use the navigation keys.
> I also found the Options button, and worked out what "Show keys to
> make it easier to move around the screen" means. They mean easier to
> move the keyboard around the screen. It has buttons for moving the
> keyboard to the top and the bottom of the screen - helpful because it's
> always covering something you need to see.
> It also has a button (Nav) to only show the navigation buttons.
> Unfortunately it won't let me display that and the normal Surface
> keyboard at the same time. And it hides the buttons for moving it to the
> top or bottom of the screen.
> So for now I've pinned osk to the task bar for easy access, and I will
> close it when I need to use the normal keyboard.
> Other suggestions welcome.

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