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Use On Screen Keyboard (osk.exe)   [Q]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Aug 21,2019 at 04:05
In Response to: Use On Screen Keyboard (osk.exe) (Peter Shute)

> > Peter Shute Provided a solution to this problem in his 8/16/2019
> > posting “OSK.exe” which I didn’t know was built-in to Windows.
> > (Thanks to Andrew, too, for the first assist)
> So you're running OSK on the remote computer? I'm glad it helps, but
> it's terrible that you have to resort to that. I've suggested in
> another post that you contact the authors of the RDP app for help.

Weird part is, it’s ONLY Ztree that I cannot type in. Other console apps (cmd, powershell) work just fine.

OSK to the rescue!


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