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[Help!] Log all but one directory without znolog.ini?   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 13,2019 at 05:44
In Response to: [Help!] Log all but one directory without znolog.ini? (Peter Shute)

> Is there a way to log a whole branch apart from one sub branch
> without using znolog.ini?

You don't state your reasons why, which I presume are valid, possibly you just want the exclusion to be temporary,

Using a znolog.ini file is the best option, as that is what it's designed to do, even when directories are excluded in znolog.ini, they can still be logged, you need to highlight the unlogged directory, and press * or do some other log command.

Some possibilities.

Alt-Graft the directory to be excluded somewhere else before the log operation, then graft it back afterwards.

Set the directory to be excluded to be Hidden, set this in the configuration
CO-2J Hide System/Hidden dirs and/or junctions=+SH
and then do the Log operation.
Remember to unhide the directory afterwards.
But will not work if there are already Hidden or System directories, if so you might
be able to handle those with a macro or ZList file.

If the directory to be excluded is a Junction, then set CO-2J=+J

Use a Ctrl-ZList file to log the required directories.
But depending on the structure, might need a large ZList file, and the ZList file file would need to be maintained.

Log the entire branch, then Alt-Release, Branch the directories you don't want.
Assumes the directories to be excluded don't take a long time to log.

Setup a alternate configuration directory, with at least the ztw.ini and a the znolog.ini. Run ZTree with that working directory, or use the /ZI switch.
Do the log.

You could then do a Alt-Zlog, save and [Q]uit, specify the zlog file, which could then be loaded into a different instance of ZTree.

ZEP for znolog.ini detection to be re-evaluated on exiting the Alt-F10 configuration program.
Then you could put a temporary znolog.ini in place, reload the config, do the log, revert the config and carry on as before.



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