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[Comment] Thank God for Ztree, fixes windows unfixables   [Comment]

By: MBolvary       
Date: Sep 22,2019 at 21:11

I bought Ztree years ago and it always fixes things when Windows Explorer cannot.

A good example is files like 'con.dat' which is a protected file under windows and Explorer won't touch it. (Quite a few others but cannot remember them at the moment) Can't delete it (Invalid file handle), can't rename it.

Ztree has no such problem (Whew!)

Whenever I backup all our mobile phones from Android handsets to Windows, there are always some files that windows quite happily allows to be created on its file system that it quite happily doesn't allow me to do anything with either.

Android being basically linux of sorts allows all sorts of things.

Apart from con.dat, I also found two indentically named files with one letter in one being uppercase and the other filename being lowercase. Windows allowed them to be created, couldn't touch it afterwards!!

No problem with Ztree though. Kim, someone said I look younger than my 60 years (They said 45 God bless them) and I attribute that to Ztree sparing my bacon repeatedly.

Thank you so much. (Stupid Windows Explorer slow lockup garbage)

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