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How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know   [Comment]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Sep 24,2019 at 11:45
In Response to: How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know (GoSlow2GoFast)

> Right, I'm a "senior" too, been a user for way longer than I can
> recall.
> But I think the real question is what are the youngest folks using the
> tool, meaning does it attract any newer gen techies, or would they poo
> poo it in favor of more current and "GUI" tools like Windows Explorer,
> etc.

I sometimes get the impression I’m one of the younger ones, at 43.

A high school teacher introduced me (and a friend) to XTreePro. I later upgraded to XTreeGold, which I had to abandon at the advent of long file names in Windows (95, I think it was). Discovered ZTreeWin a few years later, and went back without hesitation.

I’ve shown ZTreeWin to several colleagues, but they’re all put off by the ‘archaic’ look; and they don’t really see the value of the features it offers. I must say, most of them are also rather intimidated by command lines, and batch files; which does limit ZTreeWin’s advantages somewhat.


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