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How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know   [Comment]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Sep 24,2019 at 12:35
In Response to: How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know (Martijn Coppoolse)

> > Right, I'm a "senior" too, been a user for way longer than I

> > But I think the real question is what are the youngest folks using
> the
> > tool, meaning does it attract any newer gen techies, or would they
> poo
> > poo it in favor of more current and "GUI" tools like Windows
> Explorer,
> > etc.
>> I’ve shown ZTreeWin to several colleagues, but they’re all put off
> by the ‘archaic’ look; and they don’t really see the value of the
> features it offers. I must say, most of them are also rather intimidated
> by command lines, and batch files; which does limit ZTreeWin’s
> advantages somewhat.

Like all of you, I try to convert colleagues and IT guys whenever I can, but failed lamentably up to now.

My job is not at all IT related (teaching and managing and the School of Public Health of UofMontreal). Yet, I am sometime savvier than some of our IT technicians. The other day, I had this issue and called technical support. I told the guy what I did on command prompt and ZTree to solve the issue. Of course, he didn't know what was Ztree, but I was a bit shocked when he asked "What's a command prompt?"... Sigh! (And in the end, I solved the issue myself because the guy couldn't figure out by himself.)

As for more competent users and technicians, they know what I can do with ZTree and are easily impressed, but none actually tried the wonder.

Couldn't even convince my son who is becoming a real geek with computers.

Laurent Duchastel

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