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How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know   [Comment]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Sep 26,2019 at 13:00
In Response to: How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know (Steve Rawling)

49 here and started using Xtree before XtreePro came out, whenever that was... I know it was on 5-inch floppy disks! haha

LOVE Ztree with a passion... use it EVERY day MULTIPLE times a day!

Nothing gives a view into your filesystem like it.

I think the single most powerful concept introduced by Xtree was [B]ranch.

Being able to look at all files under a particular branch of your "tree" is invaluable.

And I'm so exceedingly grateful that Kim continued to develop on that strong platform, adding incredible features and value to an already fantastic idea.

One of my favorite (of many!) new features Kim introduced was incredible renaming abilities, including incremental numbering and find/replace... amazing stuff!

I absolutely love it and wouldn't be without it on any system.

I use it to log Windows, Mac (via VMware) and Linux (via SMB/SFTP) volumes constantly, and I have a huge advantage over my colleagues in terms of file management, even though that's not my area of expertise.

Grateful to this user community as well, who are always willing to help and provide new ideas and insights to file system management solutions we're all looking for.

Thanks all!

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