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[Help!] znolog.ini DOES allow UNC(ish) entries! :-)   [Help!]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Sep 26,2019 at 13:13
In Response to: [Help!] Log all but one directory without znolog.ini? (Peter Shute)

> Thanks for those suggestions. The directory to be excluded is in use
> by others, so hiding or grafting is out.
> Other than Antti's dir mode method, I think I'd have to resort to
> znolog.ini. The main problem with that is that this is a server share,
> and may not always be mapped to the same drive letter. It would be nice
> if one day Ztree supported UNC for logging.

znolog.ini DOES allow entries like this:


which allows it to be mapped to ANY drive letter and still exclude it.

I use it all the time!

Yet another amazing thing about Ztree!


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