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How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know   [Comment]

By: Ellery       
Date: Sep 28,2019 at 15:37
In Response to: How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know (Steve Rawling)

The question is "How old are our youngest forum members?". I am certainly not the youngest, but at least I now know that I am not the oldest!

I am 62 and have used ZTree since the very start (probably one of the first dozen uers). I am even mentioned on the ZTree credits page. I migrated from XTree of course. Used that original product since *IT* was released in 1985.

But XTree never made a successful transition Windows. In 1992, they certainly tried! Lord, how they tried! But they had a difficult time navigating the jump from their DOS roots.

Two years later, the product was acquired by Symantec, but they also failed to execute. In 1995 XTree was abandoned (just 1 year after the hand-off!).

For us ZTree / Kim fans, the origins and history is a pretty good bedtime read. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Kim is one of the Wikipedia authors (or at least a contributor to this article):



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