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[ZEP] New Batch Parameters   [ZEP]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Sep 30,2019 at 13:03
In Response to: [ZEP] New Batch Parameters (Hartmut Schneider)

> > %bc = \CCC\DDD\EEE\FFF
> > %br = \DDD\EEE\FFF

> Quick question for now:
> Using %b can be unclear if followed by a user-chosen letter, e.g. if he
> wants to append letters to the filename/extension.
> Would be clearer if %b is always followed by a sub-letter.
> e.g. %bq = C:\AAA\BBB\CCC\DDD\EEE\FFF (q = fully _qualified path,
> as used near %~f1 in 'call /?')
> Or can ZTree distinguish otherwise between %b, and %b followed by f/c/r?

Good point. Although perhaps less likely, the same problem could happen with %d if the user follows it with m, c or a. I modeled it after that set of parameters, but as you point out, there is a potential conflict.

I think I'd prefer %b1, which is like %1 without the file name. So we'd have:
%b1 = Branch root path to the file including the drive letter and colon.
%bf = Branch Full directory path to the file without the drive letter and colon.
%bc = Branch Current directory path.
%br = Branch Relative directory path.

- John


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