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How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know   [Comment]

By: Andrew Penfold     Hampshire, UK  
Date: Oct 06,2019 at 11:07
In Response to: How old are our youngest forum members??? let us know (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> > Couldn't even convince my son
> who is becoming a real geek with
> > computers.
> This would be a nice poll - neither could I inspire anyone in
> my household, let alone the colleagues. My son does web sites
> and uses other computer skills for a living, but it seems that
> file management is no longer a thing, they somehow do it with
> crude, default tools...

I'll be 40 this month (Oct 2019). So maybe I'm the youngest?

When I was 14 my parents bought me a PC for school work, assisted by my friend's father who was so into computers that he had 2 of them networked in his house. Novell Netware with co-ax cable I believe it was.

He used XTreeGold 2.00 to back up the new PC onto floppy disks (3.5", not that old!) and left me a copy. While he was into computers he wasn't into paying for software (sigh).

I kept XTreeGold around as long as DOS was around and only stumbled on ZtreeWin in the Windows XP days. I'm not running it every day, just when a tagged-file operation is called for or one of it's clever rename syntaxes is needed. I particularly like being able to search tagged files for text, when Explorer can't be convinced to look inside non-indexed files.

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