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[Discuss] Editing treespec history items   [Discuss]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Oct 08,2019 at 09:44
In Response to: [Discuss] Editing treespec history items (Peter Shute)

> I have several treespec history items starting with E:\Team
> Drives\...
> These are for directories on Google shared drives, mapped to E: using
> Google File Stream. The latest version of File Stream calls the top
> directory "Shared Drives" instead of "Team Drives", so none of those
> treespec history items works now.
> Other than editing
> C:\Users\pshute\AppData\Roaming\ZTreeWin\ZTW.HST directly, I can't
> see any way of fixing that. Would anyone else benefit from the ability to
> edit these in Ztree? Worth a ZEP?

It is actually faster to edit ztw.hst directly with Notepad+++ (or any text editor) than with ZTree. In your case, I simple Search/Replace command would tackle your issue.

For those who doesn't know, ztw.hst has to be edited while ZTree is closed, otherwise it will rewrite the ztw.hst file at closing.

I do clean ztw.hst that way from time to time, in order to keep permanent whorty new entries while getting get ride of junk history.

Laurent Duchastel


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